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Now is the time for each of us to reset, renew and recharge so that we can transition from the regression phase to the next stage of recovery. SCMS, NOIDA organised a webinar titled “Reset, Renew, Recharge, Reimagining, Retailing” on 15th of February 2021 at 9:30 a.m. . Dr.YogeshRaut, Innovation coach at Accenture and Founder of the ‘The Mind Studio’ , Ph.D. in marketing joined the webinar as a guest speaker and provided insights on the impact of Innovation and Technology in the Changing role of Marketing in past few Years.

 Dr. Yogesh Raut, has an experience of more than17 years of experience in front line sales and marketing, training students and corporates in Retail and Insurance vertical, Coaching employees for Design Thinking and Business Storytelling, planning & conducting various executive programs. He has worked as Marketing Manager with organisations like Woodland shoes & apparels, Planet Sports Pvt Ltd, ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd, TATA AIG LIC Ltd, Apollo DKV Health Insurance Ltd, and India Infoline.

The guest speaker addressed the session by highlighting the importance and impact of innovation both on the retail sector as well as our personal lives. He stated the importance of power of observation, watching people in their own environment opens up opportunities to collect rich data. The in-store environment may be a marketing battleground, crowded with messages trying to grab the eye of the disinterested shopper. And observational research is an important tool for marketers to spot where their activities can make a true difference to rock bottom line, and avoid wasting money on promotions which no-one will ever notice and thereby increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. He shared his experiences and told retailing is all about not only selling products but selling of experiences to our customers, one of the important factors include the personal touch -taking a follow-up plays a very important part in creating an excellent customer experience. Market does not require salesperson but trustworthy advisors to whom the company should equip with the requisite knowledge, irrespective of their age. He also gave unique insights on the importance of Mindfulness . Students were curious to ask questions which led to an interactive question answer session.

Responding to one of the questions, he informed us that technology and innovation will play a very significant role in the coming years to create a personal touch. Customers today look for hyper personalisation and it is necessary to actively listen to your customers. The webinar ended successfully with a vote of thanks along with a promise to get more powerful insights in future.

The photographs of the events are:

webinar on reset renew and recharge SCMS NOIDA
SCMS NOIDA reset renew and recharge webinar

The Entrepreneurship development cell organized a webinar on the topic of “Marketing Automation, an emerging scenario” by Mr. Chandan Kamal Sharma, Marketing automation consultant, on 23 March, 2021 from 10:40 AM to 12:40 PM to introduce and familiarize students of SCMS NOIDA with an emerging field in marketing known as marketing automation. 

 The guest speaker of the webinar Mr. Chandan Kamal Sharma is a marketing automation consultant and one of the pioneer in the field to promote and bring this in India. He has tremendous knowledge of the digital and automation in marketing.


The event started with a note of appreciation from the moderator who then presented the stage to the esteemed speaker Mr. Chandan Kamal Sharma an IIM Lucknow graduate who specializes in market automation and assists various small and medium business to increase their visibility. He started explaining what exactly does market automation entail and how does it affect a business’ profitability. He elucidated that it only makes the experience on the consumer’s end more friendly. A big topic of discussion was the merging of CRM and automation. He described that the latter aids the former subsequently raising new customers from the target market and sustaining the existing ones to continue adding value to the business. He presented a four-stage model which very effectively explained how can a business employ automation and industry 4.0 technologies to scale up its operations. He gave a detailed presentation concerned with automation and the various emerging trends that the current market is witnessing. The session enlightened us all with valuable knowledge and insights.


  • A lot of relevant questions were presented on the podium pertaining to the employability in the market automation sector and what kind of certifications will one need to reflect his/her credibility. Mr. Sharma stated that there is high employability of any automation specialist as technology is taking over a customer’s daily life and there are a lot of certifications in the market like email marketing, HubSpot certifications etc. 
  • He eloquently answered the questions regarding how will the small bugs and inefficiencies like low market conversion rates be dealt with the help of automation and how will automation cater to the individual needs of each customer. Automation is smart enough to mould itself according to the customer’s needs and it will make your services/website/goods more visible to the market. 
  • He cleared the two most popular misconceptions about automation firstly, it is not just email marketing! And secondly, that it will have no effect whatsoever on the supply of labour. To validate his point further, he gave the example of the metro. People used to say with the construction of the metros all the auto-rickshaw drivers will not be employable but lo and behold nothing happened of the sort. Just like that automation will only augment the human capital. 
  • He addressed questions about the starting point of the implementation of automation tools and platforms in a business. He said that the best time to do so was at the commencement of the business itself! As soon as one has the superlative tools and has command over the business, it will find a way to flourish.

The event ended on a fruitful note with the head in charge of the EDC Cell Dr. Prashant Dev Yadav asked for advice for students interested in marketing automation and digital marketing from Mr. C.K. Sharma to which he stated that getting credible and verified certifications in similar courses will do wonders for the students intrigued by the ever-changing scenarios in automation. He highlighted to grow and sustain in this sector one needs to constantly learn unlearn and relearn!

The photographs of the events are:

Marketing Automation Webinar SCMS NOIDA
Marketing Automation Webinar - SCMS NOIDA
SCMS NOIDA Marketing Automation Webinar

SCMS NOIDA organized a Guest lecture on the topic"COVID-19 : Changed dynamics of Retail and B2B Market" for the students of the second and third year of Marketing Specialization. The lecture was conducted on 4th May 2021 from 3.30 pm onwards. The speaker Mr. Kumar Biswas has had 30+ years of experience and is an industry expert in the field of B2B, Supply chain Management, International Business, and International Marketing. 

The lecture started with the famous quote by Peter Drucker “What customer buys and considers value is never a product it’s the utility of what product does for a customer”. The speaker started by explaining the current conditions prevailing in the market. He then emphasized the difference between the value and price of goods. He explained that the value attached to the product should be higher than the price paid by the customer. 

Mr. Biswas threw light on how the pandemic has affected the demand of various goods and services in the global as well as Indian market. He cited examples of everyday products and how the retail industry was impacted was also discussed. 

The lecture then moved on to the petrochemical sector wherein sales were decreased during the pandemic. Mr. Biswas explained how oil refineries have to use the force majeure clause in their contract because they had no crude oil consumption. Refineries had to turn down production to 30%. 

The speaker also answered many questions put up by the students of the 2nd and 3rd year. The questions were related to online and e-commerce retailing, and also included the impact of supply chain and logistics in the B2B sector during the pandemic. Students took part in the session enthusiastically and understood how the retail market is the customer interface and B2B is the backbone of the retail business. Every retail sale has a complex B2B network behind it. 

A vote of thanks was proposed by the faculty coordinator Dr. Pragya Singh. The snapshots of the event are:

Marketing Webinar SCMS NOIDA
Marketing Webinar - SCMS NOIDA
SCMS NOIDA Marketing Webinar

Marketing club of SCMS NOIDA organized a guest lecture on Advertising and Branding in Today’s Era by Dr Falguni Vasavada on 24thSeptember, 2020  from 11:20 a.m. onwards. The guest lecture was organized with an aim to provide the students with valuable insights on the topic of Advertising, Branding and Marketing Communications which will equip them with knowledge and skills to excel in the field of Advertising as well as Strategic Marketing in Digital Era. 

Dr. Falguni Vasavada is Professor & Chair, Strategic Marketing Area at MICA. She teaches across programs and also runs online programs in the area of Advertising Management & Public Relations, Marketing & Brand Management for working professionals and also is a TEDx speaker. 

Dr Vasavada began her discussion with the topic of changing consumer behaviour in today’s era. She explained how digital footprint and consumption of media on digital platforms of consumers have increased in the past decade and will continue to rise in future as well. She emphasized on tracking changing consumer dynamics and how companies can listen to their customers more effectively by keeping a close watch on their customers and their activities online. 

She stressed upon the fact that brands only constitute 1% of what we talk about while discussing a product and its attributes. Dr Vasavada described lengthily how attention spans of modern consumers are decreasing, making it tough for the brands to keep them engaged as well as interested. Dr Vasavada also touched upon the topics of influencer marketing, consumer decision making and personal branding. She repeatedly accentuated the importance of listening to your customers and creating the content that provides value. After sharing a few of the ads that caught her attention because their creativity and uniqueness with the students, she opened the floor for further discussions as well as questions from the students. The discussion ended on a delightful note.

SCMS NOIDA - Marketing Webinar
Symbiosis NOIDA Marketing Webinar

Corporate Interface and Talent Partnership Cell (CITP) organized a webinar on the topic of Supply Chain and Logistics by Dr Abhishek Singh, Regional Purchase Manager, Britannia Industries Limited on 5th of November, 2020 at 10:30 AM for the students of second and third year, across specialization. 

 Dr Singh has an experience of over 20 years in the field of Supply Chain Management & Logistics and has handled over 70 different factories with 400 different raw materials, and Packing Materials which comes from 300 different suppliers spread all over India in 29 different states.  

He initiated the conversation on Supply Chain Management and Logistics by discussing the changing paradigms of Supply Chain Management during the COVID era. Dr Singh expressed his concerns over how the world of business might change post COVID outbreak and how businesses need to cope with changing dynamics. The speaker stressed on working in collaboration as opposed to working in isolation. He called attention to the fact that organizations might be able to bring in more revenue, with working in collaboration. He briefly discussed the future prospects of Supply Chain Management, explaining how things will digitalise in future. The role of Data Analytics in Management and Automation in the field of Supply Chain were also talked about. Dr Singh also accentuated on the need to maintain a good relationship with the supplier, explaining how a bad relationship might affect the overall business. Further, the discussion on how robots might replace humans in future and the consequences it might have were also done.  

The webinar ended with a small round of Questions and Answers. The round presented students with the opportunity to interact with the guest speaker and clarify the doubts they might have had. CITP concluded the session with a vote of thanks for the speaker for sharing his valuable experience with the students of SCMS NOIDA. 

The Fourth Industry Revolution also named as Industry 4.0 is the ongoing transformation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices combined with the latest smart technology. The Internationalization Cell at Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA has initiated a Global Talk series on Management Practices in Industry 4.0. The objective is to provide students with exposure to current knowledge and appropriate skills required globally in Industry 4.0.

The First Global Talk series on “Consumer Behavior Trends in Industry 4.0” was organized by Internationalization Cell at SCMS NOIDA virtually on Sept. 03,2020 at 6:30 p.m. Prof. Michael R. Solomon, Professor of Marketing, Haub School of Business, Saint Joseph’s University, U.S.A. joined the webinar as a guest speaker and provided his insights as a consumer behavior expert and speaker. Prof. Solomon’s primary research interests include consumer behavior and lifestyle issues, branding strategy, the symbolic aspects of products and much more.

The webinar started with an opening address by Dr. Priya Grover, Faculty-in-Charge, Internationalization cell. She highlighted the internationalization initiatives taken by the institute. This was followed by an address from Prof. K.P. Venugopala Rao, Director, SCMS NOIDA. He inaugurated the series and addressed the audience.

The guest speaker addressed the session by highlighting as to how the pandemic has brought changes to Industry 4.0. He mentioned about creating right balance between qualitative and quantitative approach and taught about how to create long term bond between marketers and consumers. Concepts like the Magic Pyramid of Involvement and Market Segmentation were some powerful insights and provided great knowledge. Students were curious to ask questions which led to an interactive question answer session. 

Responding to one of the questions, he informed that fashion industry is in terrible shape as people are returning to value and they are focusing on investment fashion that means they are interested in luxury goods having longer life span. He also explained the concept of digital self which means that a large part of our identity is what we post, what we eat and what we wear etc, not only we live in physical world but also in the digital world. Further, he also gave deep insights into how countries lagging in technology will cope up with Industry 4.0 by stating that such countries are directly updating themselves as in several countries there are people who do not have access to computers but they directly have access to mobile phones with internet connectivity. 

Answering to another question, he replied that in rural areas in India, companies are providing small packages of a product thereby allowing access to millions of consumers as in rural areas consumer prefer to buy small quantity of products. These were the major milestones of the discussions that took place in the webinar. The webinar ended successfully with a vote of thanks along with a promise to get more powerful insights from global leaders in upcoming sessions.

Symbiosis NOIDA - Marketing Webinar

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies NOIDA, successfully conducted an informative webinar on Marketing on 11th June amid the corona virus crisis. The session was held from 11.30 am and was chaired by Dr Sunita Dwivedi, Associate Professor, Marketing, SCMS NOIDA.  The purpose of conducting this webinar was to make students aware about the scope of Marketing as a specialization. She spoke on the concept of shared values and how marketing has evolved. She touched upon various points such as how marketing strategies work on future financial success. The discussion was centered on how marketers have evolved from selling to solidifying customer base and discussing a lot more on new prospective, the new face of commerce, changing customer behavior and disruption in channel management.

Dr. Dwivedi also highlighted the importance of Marketing Specialization to the students and all the courses taught under Marketing Management were also shared. This webinar was an open discussion forum where students asked questions on choices of dual specialization, subjects to be taught in the specialization, future and opportunities ahead. Queries regarding options available for career path were also brainstormed and suggested. The following trends in the field of marketing were discussed:

  • Social Marketing
  • Marketing Enterprise
  • Shared Values
  • Enterprise Business
  • Importance of relationship marketing
  • Emerging importance of E-commerce
  • Changing Consumer Behavior 
  • Growing importance of technology

This webinar proved to be plentiful for students for choosing their specialization as per their interest and subject choices. The webinar was an interactive session which allowed the BBA students to clarify their doubts & queries regarding their career paths post the pandemic & what should be their coping mechanism to combat the prevailing crisis. The session also gave an opportunity to the students to discuss their threats & insecurities arisen due to the uncertainty in the demands of the market.

The webinar was able to receive a good & positive response amongst the attendees of the webinar & aided them to gain insightful knowledge about how the dynamics of marketing is going to evolve in the upcoming times.

The webinar ended with an inspirational quote by Alber Einstein to motivate the students - “In the middle of difficulty, lies an opportunity”. This quote ignites the minds of the students to seek for the untapped opportunity that this crisis will bring and urges them to make the most out of it.