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An innovative leader not only inspires their team but also inspires the world and gradually women leaders are rising and inspiring everyone with their continuous efforts and hard work. Women leaders add new perspectives, which are coloured by their own experience, to old problems. Moreover, they infuse aspects of innovation throughout the organisation which successively can have a top-down effect in the organisation.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 08, 2021, Internationalisation cell and Internal Quality Assurance cell at SCMS, Noida successfully conducted a webinar on “Women in Innovation and Leadership”. Dr. Ramona Amelia Miranda, Ignus Consulting, Director, APAC, Leadership Strategist and Executive Coach from Singapore was the honorable speaker. She has 25+ years of experience across 15 countries and cultures. She is an internationallysought-after strategist for her innovative business, Leadership, Organization Development, Talent & Learning solutions.

The speaker talked about ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek and gave everyone a whole new perspective, all you have to do is ask a simple question from yourself that WHY should I do this thing in the first place and it will be easy for you to figure out the HOWs and WHATs. Moreover,thousands and thousands of organisations dream about changing the world but only a few make it big and get a chance to change the world and this is possible because of the golden cycle of Why What and How and Inside-Out approach that is Think Act Communicate. She also explained how we only need six seconds to create an impression because that’s how our brain works and whenever someone asks us a question or an opinion then we should apply the TFA technique that is THINK-FEEL-ACT. The webinar also gave details about Emotional Intelligence, why we need to be more empathetic and how important it is to navigate our emotions for our better emotional health.  

Dr. Ramona Amelia Miranda made the session interactive by asking relevant and interesting questions which caught the attention of the students and encouraged them to actively participate in the webinar.Further,she gave a beautiful message to all the women who were present in the webinar that don’t underestimate yourself, shealso gavea real life example for the same;Few months ago an interview was conducted for a high profile job and after the interview when all the interviewees were asked whether they thought they would get the job or not, almost all the men were quite sure that they would get the job, while women wereskeptical about that opportunity and the job was eventually usurped by a women interviewee. So, it is important to know your strengths because talent is universal but opportunity is not. She also highlighted that women should leverage the men as an alliance, they are not there to sabotage the opportunity but to support you. The speaker askedall the women not to be like crabs in a bucket that pull each other down, instead support other women, watch out for them and help them grow.

The webinar concluded with insightful answers to the questions that were asked by the intrigued students followed by the vote of thanks. This was truly an interesting and informative webinar. 

Photographs are attached below :

SCMS NOIDA General Management Webinar
SCMS NOIDA General-Management Webinar

SCMS, NOIDA organized a guest lecture titled “Application of Mathematical Tools on Business and Economics” on 12th of December 2020 at 09:30 am which was attended by students from the batch 2020-23.The institute had invited Ms Priyanka Rastogi, Director, Business Analytics at Wolters Kluwer, New York, USA.

Ms Priyanka Rastogi is an Analytics and Machine Learning executive with 14+ years’ experience working with Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries - Finance, Insurance, Pharma, Education and Retail, to create business mathematics driven solutions for client problems.

The session started with a brief introduction on the real-life application of topics: Matrices and Determinants, Permutation and Combinations, and Differentiation and Integration. That was elaborated with the help of examples.  

All topics were followed by polling questions which aimed at asking what mathematical concepts are applied in certain situations to make the event interactive and participative at the audience side.

Students got to learn that Matrices and Determinants are used for Amazon’s predictive algorithm used to make quick deliveries by predicting exactly which warehouse goods should be stocked at so that they are as close as possible to the people who will buy them. They learnt about the use of integration by architects and engineers shaping Pringles potato chips. The concept behind OTP generation, mobile phone numbers and the application of both permutation and combination were also discussed. We also found out about the application of matrices and determinants in 2d video games like Super Mario. 

Ms. Priyanka Rastogi spoke about her own experiences and the importance of mathematics in the business world. From building an effective team, minimizing risks, to selecting the right market to stay profitable; she gave detailed insights which were thought-provoking. 

After the lecture was concluded, Ms Priyanka Rastogi answered the questions of students. The Q&A was followed by a vote of thanks given by the organizing team. 

This event would not have been possible without the effort of the faculty in-charge Dr.Rashmi Rastogi who at the end concluded the lecture by thanking all the participants and members for taking out the time for attending this event.

Photographs of the event are:

General Management Webinar SCMS NOIDA
General Management Webinar - SCMS NOIDA

Symbiosis Center for Management Studies, NOIDA organized a webinar on Role of Gender Equality in society for the students of 1st Year. The webinar was conducted on 7th November 2020 on Microsoft Teams platform.

The guest speaker of the webinar was Mrs. Kavitha Kota. Currently working as the L&D head ,designing learning experiences and evaluating behavior and cognitive functions is a culmination of her lifetime of experiences ranging over 2 decades.  Her professional experience includes the educational sector as principal of various schools, and as the HOD in professional colleges. Contributions as the chief editor of a magazine and connect with government initiatives like Rajiv Yuva Kirananlu and as CBSE resource person, have broadened her professional horizons. 

Dr. Aakanksha Uppal ,Faculty in Charge, IQAC ,facilitated the speaker and invited her to speak and enlighten the students through the webinar.

The speaker started her discussion about gender diversity and its role and supported it with various relevant examples. The entire teaching included all aspects of ancient and modern conditions which are impacting on gender equality. The speakers explained about how in ancient times the differences in genders occurred and how in the present scenarios’ technology and other developments in society are helping in decreasing the gap of gender equality. She also highlighted that gender inequality is also being impacted by other factors like cast, creed, color and race of a human being.

Some stats and data were also discussed in the webinar and a fact that 47% of accidental injuries caused to women because all safety standards are designed according to men. The data also included information about underage marriage, Unequal male to female ratio, projected a shocking fact that only six countries in the world give equal working rights to both men and women.

It was mentioned in the webinar that corporate angle has several impacts. The corporates are bringing diversity in the success drivers for companies, diverse teams are involved in various ideas, psychological safety is considered important and if some corporate is incorporating all these factors then this is the indicator of a well-run firm.

At last she discussed about the solutions and how the students can help women to get equal rights for women. Few of the suggestions were to Challenge gender equality, use equal forms of address.

The webinar was fruitful for students and the goal of spreading awareness about gender equality was achieved. The message that even corporate sectors also are important is decreasing the gap and at last the webinar ended with a vote of thanks. Photographs are attached below:

General Management Webinar Symbiosis NOIDA
General Management Webinar - Symbiosis NOIDA
SCMS NOIDA - General Management Webinar

Session by CA. Abhishek Gupta

In no time in history has it been clearer, that adaptability and nimbleness are essential for anyone. Transformation in a holistic way is the only answer to address this right now. 45% of organizations are already engaged in the process of Transformation, and the leaders are citing “dramatic results.” Companies are going beyond standard practices in Continuous Improvement (CI) as they seek step-change improvement in their business operations. To address these challenges SCMS NOIDA, launched a series of webinars on Invigorate for Future Business Role, and the first chapter of this series is graced by CA. Abhishek Gupta, Americas Commercial Leader, Ernst Young (EY). Addressing young minds, he shared his aisle move in the corridor of corporate PWC, how he travelled from having the skill to self-actualization for enhancing them. In his mentions, he shared how his dream got shortlisted by disruption called technology and Nirvana. In his session, he mentioned how important it is for one to have an attitude for lifelong learning because that is the only entry gate for having a healthy and happy career. Throwing Light on Future Career Prospects he admitted that opportunities in some sectors are going to change radically, apparently, people skill in Technology, IT, Communication, Critical Thinking still have ample opportunities for employment especially in nations like Africa and Asia. Mr. Gupta advised students to join Traffic University to upscale their skills for the coming competitive corporate world. Last but not least, he counsels students to have five important competitive elements in them: Skill, Personality, Respect for Oneself, Risk Takes/Courageous Leadership, Focus on Strength, Integrity, and Accountability

His session was highly meaningful and resourceful for the students and their enthusiasm for such sessions was reflected in the feedback received from them. 

Session by Mr. Ram Mohan Kota

To be viable in a progressive world, students entering the workforce needs more than just academic knowledge to be successful. Employability skills are becoming a critical component of making students truly ready for success in the workplace. Expert talks help the students to gain a strong foothold and stand out among the rest. Corporate Interface and Talent Partnership Cell, in continuation of the series of the webinar, Invigorate for Future Business Role organized session on the topic "Ready Aim Fire" scheduled on 25th June 2020 for 2nd and 3rd-year students. The speaker of the session Mr. Ram Mohan Kota, a well-known name in the business corridors, shared his insights on what is going to be the future of Business and how students can upscale their skills to stay competitive in the graph of employability. He focused on educating students to control their future rather than anyone else and for this. They need to have enough determination in identifying their interest area and capabilities. According to Mr. Ram Mohan, if the students have Strong Vision, Strong Determination, and don’t allow anything to come in between their dream then success is surely going to come their way. Mr. Ram also told students to stay focused, believe in values, and repeatedly do the things they want and gradually they will reach their destination. This series of webinars gave enough ideas and knowledge about how market is moving in these hard times and what kind of challenges will come in the future, but they as a fighter and warrior can stand alone beating the challenges and shine out as stars. 

Session by Mr. Nicholas Ross

 "Human resource isn’t a thing we do; it is the thing that runs our business " What requires a fulfilling career that can have a wider impact on society? This is the question whose answer every millennial is looking forward to the Institute and its sole responsibility of the placement cell of the institute to resolve those queries. In anticipation of this, the CITP cell of SCMS NOIDA, is organizing a webinar for all young curious brainstorms of the college. This webinar is special in a way, where a person who is responsible for the same addressed students and provided his bountiful knowledge and experience in helping students to get connected with the corporate world fruitfully. We invited Mr. Nicholas Ross possesses extensive experience spanning over 30 years in Placements, Corporate Training, and Sales. His session was all about orienting students on ARISE - TAKE CHARGE.  He enlightened the students by giving advice on having skills as your armer and then position it as your Uniqueness rather than the skills which everyone has. Mr. Ross especially talked about the speed of change occurring in technology and how a student needs to be relevant in adapting and catching the technology and then modify their skill sets to lead the market ahead. According to Mr. Ross, students have to put little effort into managing these challenges nevertheless these challenges can be managed by inheriting the five elements in their future career plan: Agility; Resilience; Integrity; Standardization; Endurance.  

 "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." If we dig into the past or see the present, each and every student looks forward to a successful career after graduating from the best college. Everyone aspires to be a successful CEO or entrepreneur in the times ahead. But reaching those heights is not a one-shot deal. We have to prepare ourselves in the right direction to reach that peak as ‘Rome was also not built in a day’. What are the best companies looking for in their employees? What are the reasons behind the success of these companies? The inquisitive thinkers who wished to know ‘whys and wherefores’ behind the successful performance of an individual and organization and how do they eliminate impediments in the way of efficacious performance were given an opportunity to explore answers to these enigmatic questions through a webinar. We invited an eminent speaker Prof. Dr. Santosh Rangnekar, IIT Roorkee who brought with him 33 years of extensive knowledge and expertise both in Industry and Academia.

In the beginning of the session, he talked about the ‘KASH’ model (Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills, Habits) which was derived from his ICSSR project on ‘Management Education in Technical Institutes’. According to Dr. Rangnekar, ‘muscle power, money power and positioning power will keep on coming and going but what will stay with us for lifetime is the knowledge power’. He further highlighted the importance of all the four factors behind the successful performance of an individual within an organization. The discussion largely revolved around developing as well as maintaining good habits and positive attitudes which will perpetually help in succeeding ahead. The session ended with a great learning that ‘we should create a positive environment around us so that it develops good habits and attitudes’.