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The IB Club of SCMS NOIDA organized their flagship event The IB Town Hall on 6th of December 2020 at 5:30 pm onwards which was attended by students from all three batches. The event which consisted of five different rounds of discussion among the students was centred on the topic “Does presidential elections in America affects the economy of India”.

The event began by the welcoming remarks of the Deputy Head of the IB club, wherein she introduced all the participants, discussed the instructions and rules and gave an introduction of the topic for the event.

The round 1 was an opening statement round, each panellist had one minute to give their opinion on the topic and what all aspects of the topic that they will be covering in the succeeding rounds.

The round 2 was a “point of view” round in which each panellist got around 5 minutes to present their prepared speech and talk about their viewpoints on the topic. 

The round 3 was a new round introduced in this event which was known as the “challenger” round. The round consisted of the challengers to give their viewpoint and ask the panellists questions. Each challenger had a time limit of about 5 minutes in which the questions were supposed to be asked and answered.

The round 4 was a “Q&A” round. Each panellist got a few minutes to cross-question each other’s viewpoints and speech that they made in the previous rounds. This round was a very thought-provoking round because of the interesting discussion the panellists were having.

The round 5 was a “Conclusion” round. This round marked the end of the discussion. Each panellist got a few minutes to give their final thoughts and viewpoints on the topic of discussion. The discussion was indeed a fruitful and insightful experience for everyone.

The event was indeed a huge success and all the credit goes to the IB Club of SCMS NOIDA and the faculty in charge who helped organize this event. 

In a world of innovation and start-ups, it becomes imperative to understand the market structure in order to excel. 

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA organized a webinar on “Current Markets Structure and Survival for Start-ups in a Post Pandemic Era” on 6th November 2020 from 10:40 AM onwards for the First-year students with the elective of  Microeconomics, which was delivered by the guest speakers, Mr Vinayak Gupta & Ms Shubha Lal.

The first guest speaker, Mr Vinayak Gupta is the co-founder and head of BD and growth at Your-space- An Indian student housing brand. He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and SRCC, Delhi. The second speaker was Ms Shubha, who is also the co-founder of Your-space and is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta as well. Both of the guest speakers are tremendously experienced in the arena of start-ups.

Mr Vinayak began his discussion on the topic of Current Market Structure and Survival for Start-ups in Post Pandemic era by discussing Equilibrium- an area of study in Economics, which has captivated the imagination of economists all over the world, for the longest time. He discussed both good and the bad associated with it. He was further joined by the co-speaker Ms Shubha who also discussed different types of market structures that are seen around the globe and touched upon the topics of oligopolistic competition. They discussed the oligopolistic market structure and explained in-depth on how 2-3 market players dominate and drive investment in such a market structure. The role of agility in the era of the pandemic was also stressed upon. During the discussion, Mr Vinayak also accentuated the importance of technology. Both the speakers emphasized the importance of saving during bad circumstances. They also described how their start-up is stepping up and making required changes in the face of a global pandemic. They also talked about the work they have previously done.

The discussion followed a round of Questions and Answers in which students got the opportunity to interact with the guest speakers by asking various questions pertaining to the topic of the webinar. Students very enthusiastically asked numerous questions about the challenges faced by start-ups, convincing investors for finance, their scope etc.

The fruitful session ended with a vote of thanks from the International Business Club and was smoothly and successfully conducted.    

Economics & International Business - SCMS NOIDA
SCMS NOIDA - Economics & International Business

The Area Chair of International Business, SCMS NOIDA, Dr.Shikha Singh, conducted a webinar on 'International Business: A career path to be a Global Manager' on 11th June 2020 from 11 AM to 11.30 AM for the students of the college. The idea behind the webinar was to provide students an opportunity to know about the IB specialization and the best career prospects of the same. She commenced the webinar with a question to the students about the utilization of their time during the current lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and went on to explain the importance of the International Business to the prospective students.

She emphasized that IB specializations offered by the top colleges provides students with the conceptual and analytical skills needed to evaluate and analyze firm-level and external data, which will enable strategic decision making and help to solve challenges that arise in international business. The skills that students would develop on a specialization of this nature are highly sought after by top employers.

She explained that progressively, top organizations and associations are presently employing BBA graduates specializing in "International Business" to guarantee the organization's advantage and business development in the foreign market. The various avenues of campus placements that open up include International Courier Companies, International Consultancy firms, Global logistic firms, Import and Export department of companies, etc.

Lastly, students were provided with an overview of various courses under the IB specialization and explained the broad contents of the same briefly. The webinar concluded with the question and answer session.