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Cultural Evening - Neon Nexus

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Cultural Evening - Neon Nexus

The Student Affairs Council (SAC) of SCMS NOIDA kicked off the year with an exhilarating Cultural evening with the theme for the night being “Neon Nexus” on 28th January 2023 at 3:30 pm in the amphitheater of the college premises. Aarang, the art society of our institution, adorned the campus with exquisite pieces of handcrafted decor. The entire college campus was ignited with illumination and joy.

Students crowded the amphitheater in anticipation of the start of the annual fest. The dramatics society, Kirdaar, attracted everyone's attention and started the fest with their magnanimous performance and left everybody in awe with their skit.

With their incredible sense of style, Elan the Fashion Society created a terrific impression on everyone. Their body language and facial expressions were par with any runway model presentation. Dance is the backbone of every event and it holds the power to fuel the audience with zeal and excitement and Symbeats, the dance society, was right up to the challenge. Their coordination and moves got everyone on their toes screaming and dancing to the music.

Last but not least, Dhwani, our music society, performed solo, duet, and group pieces that completely swayed the audience with their beats and melodies. Face Painting stalls saw queues of students eagerly waiting to get their faces painted neon. There were various games like jenga, tic tac toe, etc to encourage healthy competition.

Our Organizing Committee Head Sanya Malik and Deputy Head Surya Vajpeyi unveiled the teaser for Symaroh 2023 and released the most awaited dates of the annual cultural fest. The event then concluded with the DJ night.

The cultural evening was a big success, and it pumped up the students and participants even more to have the greatest time.