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Symcharcha 2023

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Symcharcha 2023

The event illustrates how Symvaad - The Debating Society of the Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida centered on giving a platform to the voices that want to be heard. It was a constant back hunching effort done by the OC of 75 students for 3 months that made this event a success.

The 9th edition of SYMCHARCHA was a 2-day event that saw the copious participation of various colleges and institutions from across the county as they debated in Asian Parliamentary Debate Format. The participants were full of zest and enthusiasm, which was the culminating juncture of the entire event. The Literary Club takes pride in mentioning the fact that a total of 34 teams from across the country were part of the event, which was a housefull event as it utilized the whole infrastructure available.


The event started off with a stem-winding opening ceremony in the Seminar Hall. The hon’ble academic in charge- Dr. Nidhi Natrajan addressed the participants with her words of wisdom, followed by a formal welcome by the Literary Club Head - Archita Jain (batch- 2020-23). Swastik Budhiraja, the president of Symvaad concluded the opening ceremony. The Core Adjudicators Panel explained the rules and regulations to the participants in detail and assured every sort of help from their side in case of any confusion or misconduct during the event.

Day 1 witnessed a total of three rounds for Prelims. The teams put forward their opinions and ideas with values, power, and charisma and the ones who convinced the CAP with their opinion were able to qualify in the subsequent rounds.

The first round finally began and the participants were escorted to their respective rooms, allotted to them. The motion of the debate was decided thereafter and the orators began to debate after a few minutes of preparation time given to them, in front of the respective adjudicators. There was a plethora of vehemence among the participants and the members of the organizing committee. The debate rooms were filled with strong voices who were putting forward their opinions for or against the motions.

The participants and the OC were served food after two collective rounds of debating and the last round for day 1 began. Not only did the organizing committee take good care of the arrangements, but the equity policy was also taken care of well, in case of any misconduct or discrepancy that arose in between the event among the orators.


The second day of the event witnessed the same quantum of gusto and vivacity. The teams who were able to successfully qualify for the subsequent rounds on Day 1 showed up to prove themselves and their orating capabilities to win the race and the massive cash prize pool worth Rs. 1 lakh. The proceedings of the second and the final day took place with the participants being escorted to the respective rooms allotted to them. After deciding upon the motion to be debated, and judiciously utilizing the preparation time given to them, the clash of opinions finally took off in front of the respected adjudicators. After a meticulous process of judgment, two teams were able to reach the final round of the event.

The final round was spectated by the OC members and faculty members too. As the final round came to an end, the adjudicators passed their verdict in the closing ceremony. The strong headed team, DHOLAKPUR × REDEMPTION ERA lifted the trophy as they bagged first prize in Symcharcha 2023.

The event came to an end as the deputy head of Literary Club - Nishanth Reddy (batch 2023-23) delivered the vote of thanks.