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On 10 March 2023, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies Noida along with QIC hosted the first edition of the Flagship Annual event of SCMS, NOIDA, "Symudhyam". The theme for the one-day event was "Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship: Shared Future." The event was organized under the precursor of Y-20 for highlighting the need of social entrepreneurship in India. The event covered two important areas: Panel Discussion and the Sustainable Business Pitch Competition. SCMS NOIDA has planted 500 plants as a part of its social initiative in the Ambedkar Park, Ghaziabad.

The event was initiated with a lamp lighting ceremony by the distinguished guests, namely- Mr. Ramveer Tanwar (PondMan of India), Mr. Praveen Nayak (Founder, Garbage Clinic) & Mr. Paras Saluja (Founder, Shyana EcoUnified Pvt. Ltd.). The honorable panel was then presented with saplings and mementos by Dr. Nidhi Phutela, the officiating Director of SCMS NOIDA. She felicitated the gathering with her motivating speech on the role of youth for creating social entrepreneurship in India. Afterwhich, Aaysha Agarwal (Head of EDC) and Mridul Gupta (Deputy Head of EDC) introduced students to the EDC structure, functions, members, philosophies and past initiatives. They also launched the first teaser of Symudhyam along with the EDC teaser.

The First Pursuit of the event was a “showcase round”, where the selected 10 teams from various reputed colleges showcased the prototypes of their ideas to the jury, faculty, and students of the institute. This pursuit gave an opportunity to create a one-to-one network to foster and publicize their ideas.

The top 5 shortlisted teams were given the opportunity to present their innovative & sustainable business ideas to the jury. These ideas included-

  • A lamp that runs on solar energy- Project Prabhakshay
  • A tracking device in shoe sole- Sole Tracker
  • A skill development app - Project Peershala
  • A portable tent like storage for crops - Project Zaraat
  • A next generation water soluble film for FMCG products

The top 3 teams (Sole Tracker, Zaraat and Prabhakshay) were rewarded with appreciation trophies.

The second part of the event started with the panel discussion with the three eminent social entrepreneurs. Mr. Ranveer Tanwar spoke about his work as the “Pondman.” He motivated the students by sharing his experience in reviving the water resources. He encouraged everyone to join him in recharging groundwater levels and supporting the local ecosystem and shared his experience to make everyone realize about the importance of lakes and how we can save them with minimum efforts.

Mr. Praveen Nayak talked about his initiatives and how he started his garbage clinic. He shared his success stories of Maharashtra and stated that a country cannot be reformed until one involves its youth and educational sector. He motivated the students to take up garbage disposal and waste management as a serious concern and look at it as a field full of potential. He also talked about his journey and introduced solid waste management courses as a vocational subject. He also mentioned how he is turning waste into organic manures.

Mr Paras Saluja discussed his work, talking about his work he said that Shayna Ecounified India Pvt. Ltd. provides innovative solutions for waste management and water conservation and are making a significant impact in India, and with his leadership he will keep inspiring others to adopt sustainable practices and made the audience aware that in addition to waste management, Shayna Ecounified also provides solutions for water conservation, including rainwater harvesting systems and water treatment plants. The eminent speakers of the event have highlighted the importance of academic-industry linkage and have offered Industry Visits, Internships and Collaborative Courses with SCMS Noida.

This segment was moderated by our Event Incharge, Dr. Neetima Agarwal. Finally, the event ended with the announcement of the winners by our Event Incharge, Mr. Rishabh Jain, Vote of Thanks by our Faculty Incharge, Dr. Prashant Dev Yadav & Photographs by Aperture.

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SCMS NOIDA workshop on CANVA
SCMS NOIDA workshop on CANVA
SCMS NOIDA workshop on CANVA