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REMINISCENCE 1.0: Ek Shaam Unn Yaadon Ki

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REMINISCENCE 1.0: Ek Shaam Unn Yaadon Ki

On 29th of October 2022, Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies NOIDA organized Alumni Meet event, titled “Reminiscence 1.0, Ek shaam unn yaadon ki”. The institute's alumni for the past 10 years were invited to the event to commemorate an evening of memories that were made on the campus. More than 60 alumni attended the event where everyone enjoyed the cultural performances by the Performing Arts team and shared a laugh over the fun activities conducted by the students, along with a hearty feast that followed.

The Alumni cell of the institute took charge of organizing the event and began preparing for the same over a month ago. More than a hundred alumni registered to attend the event on the specified date. Necessary preparations were made, including dance and music performances, catering arrangements, gifts and souvenirs, decoration vendors and others. The alumni started trickling in from 5:30 PM onwards and they were greeted at the registration desk with a souvenir from the institute. The program commenced at 6 PM with a classical dance performance by two members of Symbeats, the dance society, followed by a soothing group song madeley by members of Dhwani, the music society of SCMS, Noida. These performances were followed by a witty quiz game where the alumni were asked certain hilarious questions related to their college life. The person whose answer broke the most chuckles was declared winner and was awarded a small gift. The next game that was conducted was called Situational Antakshari where a situation was thrown at the alumni and they had to come up with the most appropriate song for it. The one who sang the most appropriate song for a given situation was awarded with a gift as well. After this, a small game of tambola was played among the alumni as well as the students. At the end, the evening concluded with a feast at the adjacent classroom where the alumni, the students, the professor and the staff enjoyed the meal.

The alumni meet of 2022 witnessed some recent, as well as old passed out students coming back on campus to reminisce about the memories made with their friends in between the corridors of this institution. They also were glad to meet their professors who once taught them.