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Podcasts have helped us make education an immersive experience and help students understand and learn about industrial interface like never before. The podcasts give a deeper insight about the management world where students get to learn about how to create strategic business plans in line with agreed goals to recreate an enhanced enterprise.

In order to ensure that SCMS NOIDA nurtures this spirit of novel and innovative ideas, students are always encouraged to pursue the musings of their minds and tread on paths that can help them grow and interact with intellects across industries. It is in one such endeavor that the students of the PR Cell, with a pinch of motivation and a spoonful of guidance from our expert faculty, conceptualized the initiative of releasing a one-of-its-kind podcast sequences hosted by SCMS NOIDA. It gives us immense pride to know that using the mode of podcasts for enhancing the learning experience of students has only been taken up in the past by a handful of colleges across the country.

Under this initiative, the first series which the SCMS NOIDA students have worked on is titled The Industrial Edits. As the name suggests, the series gives a sneak peek into the changes in Industrial 4.0 post the COVID-19 pandemic. The series brings the industrial perspective to the forefront and offers students a chance to gain insights from the pioneers and leaders of the corporate world at the click of a button in the convenience of their homes.

Every episode features a unique theme, a new speaker, and fresh perspectives to broaden the horizons in which students operate. The driving force remains to bring up-to-date and engaging content for students that keeps them informed about the latest trends and sparks new ideas in their minds. SCMS NOIDA has always breathed life into creative ways of learning; the Podcast sequences is one such attempt to deliver the same. With the release of the first series, our attempt is to abide by our commitment to make learning meaningful and relevant.

On that note, we present to you the very first of our exclusive podcast series The Industrial Edits. Sit back and enjoy this new experience of bouncing impactful ideas!

  1. In conversation with Mr. Deepak Bhosle, General Manager - IT at Asian Paints (Click Here)
  2. In conversation with Mr. Vivek Kaushik, Co-founder and Managing Director of Metalifesciences - Part 1 (Click Here) | Part 2 (Click Here)
  3. In conversation with Mrs. Nirmala Shahapurkar, Head of Quality Assurance, South Asian Region, Nestle India (Click Here)
  4. In conversation with Mr. Debashish Ghosh, Vice President & Head of HR for Berkadia Services India Pvt. Ltd. (Click Here)
  5. In conversation with Ms. Nancy Gulani, Director, CTI Solutions, IHS Markit (Click Here)
  6. In conversation with Mr Rishi Choudhary, project and operations management specialist (Click Here)