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Institute Distinctiveness

Institute Distinctiveness

Making Students Corporate Ready

When we talk about BBA or any management programme, the first question that comes in the mind is how we are unique in offering the curriculum? Is it the course curriculum or the exposure which matters the most? Well, at SCMS NOIDA, our focus is on both the aspects which are crucial for the holistic development of the students. Industry readiness of the student, being the main objective, is worked out cautiously in our institute. Our programme objectives emphasizes on preparing the students for every walk of life, be it:

  • A well designed curriculum – covering the trending/ contemporary topics
  • Exposure in the corporate world – by offering different types of internships
  • Creating an environment for global exposure – by offering international opportunities
  • Developing social consciousness amongst the upcoming business leaders

Since the industry requirements are getting specific, nurturing these skills will help the students to become industry ready. We are trying to bring the real world into their learning spaces, which make the students get a feel of how the things will be and how they should proceed. We believe that these small initiatives will actually foster enhanced exposure to the students and lead to better industry preparedness

  • Well-designed Curriculum:

    Continuous learning and development are the most crucial elements for nurturing / enhancing the student’s knowledge in the specific streams. The institute focuses more on industry –ready courses from the third semester. Apart from the basic three specializations we are offering International Business and Business Analytics specializations, which is the need of the hour. Picking up and delivering such courses help the students in shaping their careers in a better manner. Moreover, the application based teaching (which is more demonstrative in nature) equip the students with practical insights along with the theoretical knowledge. Apart from this, some topics are reinforced by the industry practitioners in the form of guest lectures/ workshops/ webinars to make the education more robust and gain greater insights.

  • Exposure in the corporate world:

    Our institute emphasises more on the experiential learning aspect to give real time exposure to the students. Students were given a chance to select from two different types of internships for value addition.

    • The first option was to undergo a 4-6 weeks’ internship with a company. Such close association with the corporate helps in better understanding of the challenges to fit in the corporate world, the skills that are mandatory and how they can effectively employ the theoretical subjects in the real scenario.
    • The second option was the completion of certification courses provided by Coursera. In the light of COVID -19 pandemic, this actually proved to be extremely beneficial, as they could grab the certificates of their interest. Since, nowadays almost every firm expects to have employees who are multi skilled, adding certificates in their basket will actually provide them more career opportunities.

  • Creating an environment for global exposure:

    Another important perspective is to bring the international flavour in the course curriculum. Global exposure during the course of learning helps in fostering intercultural skills, improve language skills and self-transformation of the student. Moreover, it is now even more important to develop students as global citizens and equip them with global competencies to perform outstandingly and contribute in an interconnected, challenging world. As embedded in our University’s vision, we should promote international understanding through quality education. SCMS NOIDA has partnered with International Universities to promote various forms of academic collaborations. Some of the universities where the students of the institute have gone for summer schools or semester abroad programs are DHBW, Germany, Berlin School of Economics and Law, Germany, Dauphine University, France, University of British Columbia, Canada, Deakin University, Australia, Leeds Beckett University, UK, London Business School and IESEG School of Management, France. The programs offered include:

    • Global Immersion Program
    • Semester Abroad Program
    • Summer Schools
    • Research Initiatives

  • Developing social consciousness amongst the upcoming business leaders:

    Holistic development being the key element for student’s successful career, we work enthusiastically to develop social consciousness amongst our upcoming business leaders. We reach out to the society through our initiatives to meet their challenges. The initiatives are twinned with the NGOs to offer the best services for the benefit of the needy along with creating well informed ethically aware professionals that contribute towards the betterment of the society. A similar such initiative – PARIVARTAN (to bring the change) was undertaken in two parts in association with an NGO – Parimal Pathshala to help the underprivileged students in these challenging times. Following the principle of our University “Vasudhev Kutumbakam” i.e. the world is one family we decided to collaborate with Parimal Pathshala and help the underprivileged students by providing education using the technology available to us i.e. by the use of videos, audios and mobiles. We lend them a helping hand in the current situation where the local schools were not able to provide them with the required education. At the end of this initiative the students were able to:

    • Make a difference in the life of others – those who required the most.
    • Gained confidence, new skills, knowledge and experience.
    • Got to know the local community.