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Volume 2, Issue 1

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Volume 2, Issue 1

HR Bundles for Effective Work Life Balance


Sandhya Aggarwal


Asian Business School, Noida (UP), India


Work Life Balance (WLB) is one of the most important issues at workplace in today’s competitive business environment. A large number of studies have been carried out on WLB in the human resource and other academic fields. Most of the studies find major factors related to the work life balance. This paper, however tries to find the HR bundles related to various factors of WLB. The bundles basically club the major items affecting WLB under limited number of broad constructs. This study basically works on the variables related to Job Motivation, Organizational Culture, Flexi Workings, and Work Culture etc. For the purpose of this study data has been collected from 125 IT professionals from Delhi-NCR. The sampling method is judgmental sampling where only those employees have been selected that are married and have at least one child. Factor analysis and Descriptive have been used for data analysis. The paper significantly contributes in the literature by eastablishing relationship between HR bundles and Work Life Balance. Further, the study also finds and elaborates the reasons why these variables have come up the most important and bundled together under one broad construct.

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