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Volume 4, Issue 2

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Volume 4, Issue 2

Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Employee Experience


Kanika Soni, Raghav Chawla and Ruby Sengar

  1. BBA Students, Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies
  2. BBA Students, Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies
  3. Assistant Professor, Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies

Job satisfaction, in simple words is the level of content with the job an employee is in. Since many years innumerous studies have been conducted on the level of job satisfaction of employees in the organization. Job satisfaction has also been linked with various other variables like employee commitment, work life balance, work experience, motivation, leadership and many more. In the following study I have tried to find out the relation of job satisfaction with employee experience and the impact of employee experience on job satisfaction. Data has been collected by questionnaire method with a sample size of 40. The respondents were employees of various companies aging between 25-40 years. A correlation and regression test was done. The hypothesis was true that there is a relation between job satisfaction and employee experience.

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