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Volume 2, Issue 1

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Volume 2, Issue 1

The Roles of Government And Banks in Entrepreneurship Financing in Nigeria


Bello Baba Hassan


    Department of Banking and Finance Abdu-Gusau Polytechnic, P.M.B 1021 Talata Mafara Zamfara State, Nigeria


The industrialization policy of most developed and developing nations in the past laid emphasis on economy of scale which is a concept that emphasizescost effectiveness through large scale production. This idea which holds the view that large scale corporations were the pillar stone of the modern economy prevailed for greater part of the 20 th century. In recent times, however, this idea has changed and the importance of small and medium scale enterprises- SMEs as the bedrock of industrial development is gaining prominence. Entrepreneurship development is a concept concerned with the formation, financing, growth and expansion of business enterprises most especially small and medium scale in an economy with the objective of achieving economic growth and development.In Nigeria, since independence, and since when the idea of entrepreneurship development was introduced in the 1970s and 1980s, various programmes and policies were created by successive governments over the years for the development and financing of enterprises to improve the economy. Also, financial institutions, most especially the banks have important roles to play in the development and financing of entrepreneurship in the country. Financing is one of the necessary prerequisites for SMEs development; lack of finance represents a major obstacle to their growth and development. This write up will be an attempt to look into the roles of both government and banks in entrepreneurship development and financing in achieving economic growth and development in Nigeria. Relevant literature was reviewed in the formulation of this write up. The main source of informationused is secondary method of data collection.The paper revealed that most of the various programmes, policies and schemes created by the government for the development and financing of entrepreneurship were either now moribund or have failed to meet up with the purpose for which they were established. The paper concludes that entrepreneurship is the need of the day, therefore, authorities and the banks should actively involve themselves in this task.


Entrepreneurship, Enterprises, Financing, Banks.

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