Academic Year 2014-15

List of Projects

S. No.

Name of the Projects
1.     Investors behaviour for investing in equity market in various sectors (Investors majorly from Sharekhan Limited)
2.     Study and Analysis of Liquid Schemes of two AMCs – HDFC  Asset Management Company  Ltd  and ICICI Prudential
3.     Analysis of the most preferred investment options in tax savings schemes
4.     E-Commerce in India
5.     Analysis of Investment in Mutual Funds
6.     Determining the variables impacting consumer behavior towards Fashion brands and Identifying how these variables lead to loyalty
7.     Stress management in IT companies – A research project
8.     Study on the awareness and the future prospects of online stock broking
9.     The role of new (social) media in increasing marketing performance
10. Customers  preference towards Big Bazaar
11. Retail’s strategy in Flipkart and E-marketing in Flip kart
12. General perception of people towards stock market after 2014 elections
13. Effect of social media on consumers and society
14. Digital marketing on Philips Electronic India Ltd.
15. Training need identification
16. Study on customer service quality of banks in India
17. Rural marketing in health sector
18. Performance appraisal at Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd
19. Buying behavior of consumer towards FMCG products
20. A comparative study on consumption pattern of soft drinks and fruit juices
21. Consumer behavior in online shopping with reference to e bay.
22. Understanding of stock exchange, broking industry and comparative study of different derivative trading modes available in India
23. Employee motivation factors in Government sectors
24. To compare and contrast the performance appraisal system of public sector companies
25. Efficiency of the insurance companies in providing motor insurance claims (Impact of the services offered on the customers)
26. E- Commerce in India
27. Comparative analysis of various financial institutions in the market
28. Home Loans
29. Relationship between website attributes and customer satisfaction: A study of e- commerce
30. A comparative study on financial ratios of TCS, Wipro and 3I Infotech
31. Gender and e-commerce: An understanding of the relationship between gender and internet commerce success factors
32. Marketing of luxury brands
33. Factors influencing customer satisfaction in health care services
34. Relationship between work life balance and job satisfaction
35. Credit appraisal process in State Bank of Hyderabad
36. The cause and effect of the constant stagnation of compensation in the Indian hospitality industry
37. Relationship between working capital and profitability
38. Dealers and customer’s satisfaction of Voltas products
39. Training evaluation and impact of training and development on staff efficiency of a government organization and MNC
40. Marketing strategies of Sony
41. Customer satisfaction towards Hyundai Motors
42. A study based on workplace stress and its impact within Delhi NCR
43. Customer satisfaction at Airtel
44. A study of the consumer buying behavior of classmate pen
45. Impact of online banking on customer satisfaction
46. Factors influencing apparel buying behavior in India
47. Impact of country of origin on consumer buying behavior
48. Performance management system and satisfaction levels in Beetel Teletech Ltd.
49. Analysis of Investment decisions
50. Employees retention in XYZ Logistics, India
51. Impact of advertisement on children : Study of their role as influencers
52. An empirical study of online shopping in India
53. Market expansion strategies for online retailers in India
54. Brand preference of mobile phones among Ghaziabad’s college students
55. Evolution of banking in India
56. Study of Volkswagen and its decline in sales
57. A study of recruitment and selection at Air India Ltd.
58. Panchratana Fast Steels
59. Financial inclusion in India
60. Consumer buying behavior towards online shopping in New Delhi
61. Role of sales promotion on FMCG
62. Air pollution : Sources, Consequences and Solutions
63. Marketing mix of Hindustan Unilever
64. Performance management system in TATA Communication
65. Impact assessment of e-governance in India
66. Impact of social media on youth
67. Financial analysis of HDFC Life
68. Job satisfaction among employees of MacMillan Publishers, Gurgaon
69. India’s look east policy
70. Activity Based budgeting in NTPC
71. Marketing survey of NOKIA products
72. Customer attitude, preference and satisfaction level towards investment in ICICI Prodential, life insurance and compant Limiit
73. Study of working of a mutual fund
74. Causes of Non- performing assets in Public Sector Banks
75. Forex management practices in ONGC India
76. Internationalization of company : TATA Motors
77. A study on the role of packaging in influencing customer’s perception for buying the products
78. Correlation between music genres and personality traits
79. Satisfaction level of customer’s towards general insurance company
80. Increasing market share of kids shoes and men’s apparels on e-commerce portals  and online marketplaces
81. Satisfaction level of customers towards life insurance company products
82. The impact of celebrity endorsements on consumer buying behavior
83. Assessment of personalities among students of the age group 16-20 years
84. Impact of Emotional Intelligence (EI) on job performance
85. A study of financial performance of selected public sector banks
86. Employee engagement
87. Analysis of real estate in India
88. Market research on consumer behavior towards Global Vs. Local Clothing Brands
89. FDI and organized retailing impact on small retailers
90. Comparative study of shopping behavior towards Local Vs Foreign Brands
91. Factors affecting buying behavior of rural consumers
92. Impact of micro transaction practice in Video game on consumer satisfaction
93. Consumer perception towards e-banking
94. Study and analysis of consumer buying behavior in the fast changing DTH environment
95. Stress management : An IT industry perspective NIIT Technologies Ltd
96. A comparative study of Max Life Insurance and LIC with reference to financial performance
97. A study of behavioural factors  influencing individual investors behavior in the Indian financial market
98. Study of consumer behavior towards online shopping
99. The Indian consumer mindset on luxury lifestyle jewellery brands
100.                 Marketing strategies of Haldiram’s
101.                 Marketing strategies of Ford
102.                 Impact of digital tools in today’s education system
103.                 Business operations of a B2B market and a survey on B2B customer satisfaction
104.                 Analyzing consumer behavior in context of new product launch for BIKANERWALA
105.                 Comparative analysis of marketing strategies of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. and Hyundai Motors India Ltd.
106.                 A study conducted on the work – life balance of employees who work in the fashion retail sector of NCR India
107.                 A critical study on recruitment with reference to MaFoi and Manpower consultancy firms
108.                 Understanding online shopping behaviour of consumers in India
109.                 Smartphones creating a difference in people’s lives
110.                 Comparative study on home loans by Public and Private sector banks
111.                 Asset management under mutual funds
112.                 A study on the effects of Non- Performing Assets in J & K Bank
113.                 Role of online social media in recruitment process of information technology sector
114.                 Comparative analysis of smart phones with special reference to Apple and Samsung


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